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(713) 461-6500
August 29, 2023
Jason McLaurin

Life Insurance Claims

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FAQs About Life Insurance Claims

Below are some frequently asked questions about Life Insurance Claims:

Can A Life Insurance Attorney With Your Firm Help Us Understand Our Loved One's Policy?

Yes. A life insurance attorney must be able to read the policy and help a decedent's loved ones understand the benefits, conditions, and coverage outlined in the policy. One of our life insurance lawyers can help you and your family interpret your family member's life insurance policy to find named beneficiaries, policy limits, and coverage conditions.

What Is The Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act?

Also called the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) Model Act, this legislation standardizes unclaimed life insurance policy measures that insurers must carry out in order to discover beneficiaries with a legal claim to receive death benefits.

Adopted nationally in 2011, the NCOIL Model Act requires insurers to search the Social Security Administration's Death Master File at least semi-annually to find decedent policyholders. They then have 90 days to notify policy beneficiaries.

The Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act helps beneficiaries nationwide receive millions of dollars in unclaimed death benefits each year when they need it most.

How Do I Find A Qualified Life Insurance Attorney Near Me?

If you need help dealing with a life insurance claim or don't know where to start to file a claim, you can search online for "life insurance attorney near me" to find a lawyer who handles life insurance claims in your area. However, how can you determine whether an attorney knows the proper laws for filing and managing a death benefits claim?

For legal advice concerning a life insurance claim in or near Houston, TX, contact us at McLaurin Law, PLLC. We have represented Texas life insurance beneficiaries since 2007.

Can A Life Insurance Attorney Help Us File A Claim?

Yes, a life insurance attorney with our firm can help you file a claim. You will need to complete a claim form to submit to the insurance company and provide documentation of your loved one's passing. Most insurance companies require beneficiaries to submit the following:

  • An individual claim form for each beneficiary
  • Documentation about the decedent, including name, date of birth, address, resident status in the state, and the date and cause of death
  • The decedent's Social Security or policy number
  • The decedent's death certificate (some insurers may require an original certified death certificate)

Call us at (713) 461-6500 when you need more than luck!

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