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July 20, 2023
Jason McLaurin

8 Things to Do After a Bicycling Accident

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8 Things to Do After a Bicycling Accident

Bicycling can be a great form of exercise, leisure, or everyday transportation. Even for the most safety-conscious cyclists, however, a biking expedition can sometimes go sideways, resulting in accident and injury. If you are ever involved in a bike accident, there are a few important steps to preserve your health and the integrity of your personal injury claim.

What to Do After a Bike Accident

1) Wait For The Police.

Even if you do not believe you have been injured, it’s always wise to file a report with the police. Doing so can shore up your claim should injuries develop later on, or should you need a way of tracking down the motorist who was involved in the accident at a later date.

2) Don’t Negotiate.

Even if the motorist apologizes or expresses fault, it’s best not to negotiate on the spot. Wait for your insurance adjuster and/or personal injury attorney to do that. Remember that, at the scene of the accident, you may not have a clear sense of your injuries or property damage, making it unwise to negotiate just yet.

3) Exchange Information.

Ask to exchange contact information with the motorist. If you have your phone on you, request to take a picture of their driver’s license, license plate, and insurance card.

4) Talk With Witnesses.

If there are any onlookers who witnessed the accident, ask to get their contact information, as well. Their testimony may play a crucial role as you process your claim, or if the claim makes it to the courtroom.

5) Document Everything.

If you can safely do so, try to take as many photos of the accident scene as you can. Get photos of any damaged property (including your bike), and photos of your injuries. Also try to pan out for some wider shots that capture the road conditions, any broken fences/medians/signs, the direction the car was going in, etc.

6) Seek Medical Attention.

Even if you just have a few minor scrapes and bruises, we recommend seeking a medical consultation right away. Sometimes, bike accident injuries do not show up for a few days after the accident. To strengthen your legal case, you will want to demonstrate that you sought medical care right away.

7) Preserve Evidence.

Hang on to busted helmets or broken bike parts. Avoid getting your bike repaired right away. Yes, this will entail some inconvenience, but it can provide you with crucial evidence to strengthen your personal injury claim.

8) Seek Professional Guidance.

With any questions about your personal injury claim, or to get support as you go head-to-head with the insurance company, make sure you find a qualified personal injury attorney who has significant experience handling bike accidents.

If you live in Houston, reach out to McLaurin Law. Our team is known for passionately defending our clients, including cyclists who have been injured simply trying to navigate local traffic. Reach out to us to discuss your bike injury case today.

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