Hurricane Harvey Claims

Hurricane Harvey Claims

In the wake of a major natural disaster, recovery can take months, in some cases even years-and Hurricane Harvey certainly fits that description. Property and business owners who are still picking up the pieces may feel as though they've been hit twice-first by the storm itself, and then by their insurance company, either hesitant or outright unwilling to pay out on a claim.

If you're getting the run-around over your Hurricane Harvey claim, we encourage you to reach out to McLaurin Law Firm today. We're highly seasoned insurance lawyers, and we've already helped countless Houstonians get the just compensation they deserve. We have a winning track record, and are always eager to take on your insurance company on your behalf.

Whether you are a business owner, a homeowner, the owner of other types of property, contact our team today for aggressive representation on your Hurricane Harvey claim.

The Problem with Insurance Companies

Many property owners don't anticipate the need to fight with their insurance company; they assume the insurer is there to help them. Actually, insurance companies exist to make money, and they aren't necessarily on your side. On a good day, insurance companies will seek loopholes or excuses to avoid paying your claim. And following a major natural disaster, when they are flooded with thousands of claims, that tendency will only grow.

There are a number of tactics insurance companies and public adjustors will use to reduce their payouts-including long waits, finger-pointing, and attempts to trip you up or catch you in an inconsistency or lapsed waiting period.

The important thing to remember is that your insurance claim may be unfairly denied, delayed, or underpaid-yet you have legal protections available to you! McLaurin Law Firm will help you uphold those protections and get the compensation you need. It all starts when you call us for a confidential case review.

What to Do Following a Hurricane

There are certain steps you can take to help safeguard your hurricane insurance claims. Some general guidance from our attorneys:

  • Be certain that you report your claim to the insurance company as quickly as possible.
  • Maintain records and receipts of any expenses you incur as a direct result of the hurricane.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your insurance policy handy-and if you lose it, request a new copy from your insurer.
  • Keep a written record of any conversations you have with your insurance company and/or public adjustors, including the date of each.
  • Speak with a hurricane claims attorney as soon as possible, seeking advice on how best to proceed.

Having your hurricane claim paid fairly and fully is a critical step toward your own financial recovery-and, again, your insurance company may not be on your side, but the law is! For a Hurricane Harvey consultation, or for passionate representation on your case, contact the team at McLaurin Law today.

Insurance Company Phone Numbers

If you need to contact your insurance company to discuss where to submit your claim, the numbers below may be useful:

  • Allstate - 1-800-ALLSTATE (1-800-255-7828)
  • Amica - 800-242-6422
  • Chubb - 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-252-4670)
  • Farmers - 1-800-435-7764
  • Liberty Mutual - 844-825-2467
  • Safeco - (800) 332-3226
  • State Farm - 1-800-STATE-FARM (1-800-782-8332)
  • USAA - 800-531-USAA (1-800-782-8722)
  • Travelers - 1-800-Claim33 (1-800-258-4633)


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